There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.
— Brene Brown, Researcher + Storyteller

Giving you a garment . But having the tools and confidence to make it, and make it well are a more

Here's some of the features we intend to include and grow on our site in 2017. 


How To

Coming from our roots at The Stitchery; we've always been teaching people how to. And with Storybook Patterns our intentions haven't changed.

Online tutorials will be a key role in the 

Changes lives. Teaching and encouraging creatitviity. Brings freedom over poor self image, insecurities, shame and guilt. Replaces with a godly self image, confidence freedom and peace. Brands women with identity. Classic traditional techniqes and make them fresh and new. 

Where To

We want to help you find ethically sourced fabric



We want to inspire you by sharing other people's incredible stories. Stories like that of Alison Drever (pictured above), who came to The Stitchery as a sewing novice, and now makes all her own clothes, runs her own sewing blog, and teaches classes our studio.